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Stone crab claw meat is boldly sweet and firm, and doesn't need much accompaniment as far as condiments go. It's a very flaky meat – a cross between a shrimp and a lobster. Seasonal availability from October 15-May 15th.

Available in 4 package sizes:

Medium ( up to 3 oz, 6-7 claws/lb)

Large ( 3-5 oz, 4-5 claws/lb)

Jumbo (5-7 oz, 2-3 claws/lb)

Colossal (more than 7 oz each, about 2 claws/lb)


 Pricing from $34.99, if you want multiple packages select a quantity and size.`

Stone Crab

PriceFrom $34.99
Excluding Sales Tax
Out of Stock
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